School Funding and the State Budget, FY2008 vs. FY2016

Posted 8/18/2015

K-12 public schools’ share of the state budget shrank again in Fiscal Year 2016 (FY2016) to a historic low of 21 percent.

Other categories in Mississippi’s state budget recovered from the recession and began reaching new highs four years ago. Not until FY2016 did K-12  even marginally exceed FY2008 funding. The teacher pay raise contributed to the increase.

Since 2008, funding for K-12 has increased by 2.47 percent while the rest of the state budget has increased by 47.64 percent. Cumulative inflation over that same period has been 15 percent.

Every other budget category except one had at least five times the percentage growth over last year as did K-12. Some budget categories had more than 25 times the percentage increase of K-12. The Legislature increased its own budget by a greater percent than K-12’s. See details.

Percent Increase or Decrease in State Funding by Budget Category Since 2008

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