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Response to State Auditor’s Report on School Spending  New

Funding Infograph: MAEP vs. Neighbor States  New

Senate Strike-all Amendment to HB 957

EdBuild/HB 957 versus MAEP 2025 Projection by School District

EdBuild/HB 957 versus K-12 Funding in Barbour Administration and Current Administration

How Mississippi Measures Up to Other States’ Investment in Education

School District Underfunding by MS, Neighbor States, and U.S. Average Standards

Graph: Measuring MS School Underfunding Against Neighbor States and U.S. Average

Graph: Measuring MS Per-student Funding and Poverty Against Neighbor States, Massachusetts, and U.S. Average

Current School Funding Law versus MAEP Revamp

MAEP Revamp – Objective Formula for Base Student Cost is Essential

Mississippi Adequate Education Program

MAEP Fully Funded in 2003, 2007, 2008, and 2009

MAEP Funding Won’t Cover Teacher Salaries in Many Districts

Year-Over-Year MAEP Increases

Adequate Funding is Needed to Make Mississippi Competitive

60% Myth

School District Fund Balances

Statute on Budget Cuts

State Auditor’s Statement on Rainy Day Fund

State Teacher Salary Schedule (Includes pay raise passed in 2014 Legislative Session)

Initiative 42 – Constitutional Amendment

Chickasaw Cession