Student Achievement

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2019 MAAP Assessment Results – New

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Resetting Baseline Scores: Analysis of 2018 Ratings

2018 School and District Accountability Ratings

2018 MAAP Assessment Results

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2018 Third-grade Reading/ELA Results

Mississippi Ranked 25th in Rigor of State Proficiency Standards for 2017

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2017 School and District Accountability Ratings

District Points Earned for Accountability Ratings

New Cut Scores Make it Harder for Schools, Districts to Earn Higher Ratings

Calculating Achievement Growth

2017 MAAP Assessment Results

2017 Third-grade Reading/ELA Results

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Mississippi School Accountability System: Academic Growth Component (graph)

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2016 Third-grade Reading Assessment Results

2016 Report: Comparing Proficiency Rates in C Districts to Those in A and B Districts

Mississippi Ranked 16th in Rigor of State Proficiency Standards for 2015

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Literacy and Third-grade Reading

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